We predominantly focus on carrying out computer-aided surveys, both via telephone and online.
These methods allow us to conduct surveys quickly and cost-effectively. It also means that we are able to achieve quantity and excellent data quality.

Of course, we also offer all other market research data collection methods. In conjunction with our field workers and service partners, we can conduct complex surveys with the usual degree of care, from the group discussion stage to fully-blown product tests.

Sevices - CATI Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews


Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews

Computer-assisted telephone interviews are known for their high quality, short field times and excellent value for money. Whether B2C or B2B, representative or quota sampling, national or international, telephone interviews allow you to pinpoint and contact your target audience.

CATI is best suited to ad-hoc surveys, tracking surveys, measuring advertising effectiveness, image research, customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, name/price tests, recruitment and many other types of surveys.

Our software keyingress from ingress guarantees the maximum flexibility, and enables us to conduct even the most complicated of survey. CIScati includes sample management, appointment coordination, quota control, monitoring and telephone integration.

We would be happy to advise you on how best to set up, program or manage samples for your survey to ensure things run smoothly and that you generate the best possible results.

Services - Co-Browsing CATI

Co-Browsing CATI

keyingress Co-Browsing combines the advantages of CATI, online interviews and studio interviews. You can now use a CATI interview to achieve what was previously impossible. The respondent takes an active part in the survey. His or her role is no longer just limited simply to listening and responding; now, he or she can see and act accordingly. Using a simple link, it is possible to connect the respondent’s screen to the interview via the Internet. You can then decide if the participant should just hear a question, or whether he or she should see something as well (or even become actively involved themselves). The interviewers always retain control over what the respondent can see and do.

Services Market Research - Online


Online research has now become a well-established part of market research. We have the technology, the resources and the experience to carry out your online survey, from programming right through to the analysis stage.

The software is visually appealing and very easy to use. It is also possible to include multimedia elements, such as video clips or music, in the questionnaire. The infrastructure needed for the online surveys has sufficient capacity to cope with surveys with hundreds of respondents.

Services Market Research - Panel / Eurodoc

Panel / Eurodoc

Our medical panel for Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK includes medical practitioners drawn from all disciplines, from anaesthetists to dentists. We would be happy to provide you with information about the following upon request:

  • Panel size
  • Representativeness
  • Selection criteria
  • Professional qualifications
  • Doctor groups
  • Measures against professional survey respondents
  • Quality assurance

Services Market Research- Flash-Tool-Kit


Using Flash for online and offline studies allows you to ask questions and conduct tests that were previously only possible in the studio. What is more, you have the potential to motivate participants by using intuitive and animated questionnaires. This means that respondents have more fun replying, are more likely to complete the test and provide high quality answers.

The Flash modules developed by ingress for keyingress are practically-orientated and allow you to achieve new methods of questioning both online and offline in a cost-effective manner. We can also program special modifications and new concepts based on your specific requirements.

The Flash toolkit can help you achieve the following:

  • Advert recognition
  • Feature selection
  • Photo sorting
  • Mouse-tracking
  • Portfolios
  • Product rankings
  • Points games
  • Ranking orders
  • Shelf tests
  • Sliding scales
  • Storyboards
  • Tachistoscope

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