We conduct multi-country surveys, worldwide, B2C, B2B:

• up to 5,000 interviewer hours per week
• 24 hours a day
• seven days a week

Our aim is to improve continually the way we conduct computer-aided interviews by fully exploiting the synergy effects and potential of new technologies

Capacity - Market Research - Interviewer


650 interviewers work for us at our sites in Münster and Essen in Germany, of which 300 work internationally.

Continuity, staff development and a culture of respect and trust in the workplace are the prerequisites for high levels of commitment, accuracy and reliability.

Our specialists – interviewers who are able to survey the most difficult target groups thanks to their skill and professionalism – have been with us for many years, and we could not imagine being without them.

Capacity - Market Research - Programming


We program the questionnaires for your CATI, online and CAPI interviews using keyingress a piece of software developed by the company ingress from Hamburg, Germany.

To date, we have never encountered a questionnaire design that we could not program. However, if it should happen one day that the standard features of IfaD’s software cannot meet your requirements, we will work with IfaD to find a way around the problem.

Overview of the features:

  • Consistent questionnaire design for CATI, online and CAPI interviews (one questionnaire for all situations)
  • High quality questionnaires thanks to simulations designed to check the data
  • Integration of multimedia elements, such as images, sound and video
    (CATI interviews using CATI Co-Browsing)
  • Implementing new approaches to surveys using Flash
  • Integrating different conjoined and pricing models
    (CBC, ICM, BPTO, CATI interviews using CATI Co-Browsing)
  • Easy and secure collection and analysis of data in the field
  • Automatic generation of data sets and evaluation programs for SPSS and CNT
  • Questionnaire management with rotations for designation, questions and question blocks, dynamic questions based on previous responses, complex filters
  • Interrupt and resume interviews, including online and CAPI interviews, achieving complex quotas using integrated quota management, including online and CAPI interviews
  • Sending emails containing links and documentation directly from the questionnaire

Capacity - Market Research - Evaluation


Efficient data analysis requires more than just static use of analysis methods.

Thanks to comprehensive knowledge of all current processes, creative and goal-orientated approaches, an understanding of what is possible, avoiding errors and, last but not least, by heeding the most important quality criteria in applied statistics, namely utility, it is possible to maximise the findings gathered. In doing so, it is important, however, not to lose sight of economic requirements.

That is our aspiration! Therefore, we rely on the one company that embodies this philosophy:

IfaD – Institut für angewandte Datenanalyse GmbH

Our partner IfaD has been around since 1976, and is synonymous with data analysis expertise. Take advantage of the benefits that our partnership with them brings.